Don’t be a PussPuss. //



School is back in session!

I’m not one for the homework, studying, or tests, but I do love being able to sport my newest outfits & whatnot. I get a kick out of that! People love what I wear & it really makes me happy to know that someone notices me during the day.




Just a few weeks ago I took a trip to Vegas/LA (will have a post on that!) & I purchased this lovely shirt from H&M for only 12$! Yes, it may not be the MOST appropriate shirt in the world, but I got a chuckle out of it & thought Id start a new phrase with it! Just buying, Ive been OBSESSED with it. I wear it with almost everything! I wish I had an H&M near me, but the closest is a state over. I like how theyre cheaper than F21, which surprised me at first! I surely recommend doing a shopping haul there when you have a chance!