Trying out a new hair-style!

Snapshot_20130130_1 Snapshot_20130130


I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day! I did, for reasons unknown, haa. So! I had the urge to try a new hairstyle not too long ago & I fell inlove with this one! Its hard to tell in the pictures, but my hair is wrapped  in the back, then my ends were draped on the side of my face. My hair was wrapped with a bandana & then my ends of turquoise were curled & pinned to the side. I actually felt really pretty wearing my hair like this. I usually hate wearing my hair up, but with this look, I feel good.




Thoughts on Lace?



Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Spread the love, a little!

I have some contreversial friends who cannot stand lace, but I’m just the opposite! I adore it! It has to look fit on the person & garment for me to like it, though, which can be hard, sometimes. In this look, I love the lace Campbells, of course, since I’m an obsessive fan. I’m also digging the nice touch of colour with the yellow. It adds a nice bright effect to the outfit, rather than keeping it bland with a black or red. & the yellow also comes out a little more with the floral headband! A super cute look for Valentine’s Day, too!(:


Thoughts on lace?