Bandannas: Yay or Nay?


Today I decided to try something new: put a bandana in my hair! Personally, I thought it was rather cute, at least the way I was wearing it & what I was wearing all together. I’ve heard from many different people about bandanas, that they look cute with certain outfits, & simply that they’re a no-go.

I wanted to get opinions from others on what you think! So, bandanas? Yay or Nay?




New fringe!~


Its been so long, but Im back! Ive been busy & never had time to post, ahh! I purchased this new bag (on sale of course!) this past weekend & fell in love! Its an over-the-shoulder type of bag, which suits my daily needs. Theres a line of fringe around the bottom & its just too cute. Theres little oval studs on the front flap & magnetizes shut. It goes with everything I own & the peeeeerfect size for the things I carry with me daily. A very, very good investment!



I’ve enjoyed my purple tips so, so much! But I hate only having one colour, so I think I might go out tomorrow & pick up a small tub of turquoise hair dye! I’m pretty pumped, plus I can always go back to purple if I dont like it. I still have plenty in my little jar, anyway.

It annoys me that a friend of mine keeps telling me to stop dying my hair. Considering that she dyes her hair, too, I dont think its that big of a deal. Yes, there’s a chance it can ruin my hair. But it’s not permanent & I’m not going that high up. I can always cut my hair when it gets long enough, anyway. Ugh.




Flower headbands.~


Hello again! So sorry that I disappeared. I’ve been a bit busy & lacked motivation to do anything, but I’m back!

I’ve seen these flower headbands everywhere. In pictures, around town, etc., but I have noooo idea where people have been purchasing! I’ve always wanted one, but never knew where to get them. If you have any ideas, please let me know for sure!


Life has been pretty damn good lately! I’m hoping everyone had a wonderful New Year & is enjoying this first part of January. For me, it’s been the best in awhile. I finally got into a relationship with a guy I’ve been obsessing over for four years, my grades have been good, my social life is fab, & I already have colleges hunting me down!